Cat for all seasons and all reasons is the beautiful Burmese. This personality plus cat with it’s sunny disposition and unflappable nature is ideally suited to our easy-going life style. The Burmese retains it’s kittenish curiosity and playfulness throughout it’s lifetime. A party animal at heart, the Burmese kitten knows that life is a joyous adventure. The Burmese cat comes in ten colours: brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream and four tortie colours – brown being the original colour. Burmese kittens are universally accepted as the happiest and most easiest going cat. Bajimbi Cattery has bred many multi ‘BEST IN SHOW’ winning Burmese kittens and has exported them to many countries. Bajimbi Ned Kelly and Bajimbi Matilda are part of the foundation stock for European Burmese in America. Highly adaptable, this breed’s attitude to life ensures that it lands on it’s feet wherever it goes. Is it any wonder, that this Personality cat is such a family favourite?



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